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The Glenayre @ctivelink is an amazing piece of technology. It allows individuals that are in need of a way to stay in contact to take paging of other people to completely different level. This is the most complete and advanced pager module system on the market. It is connected with the SkyTel market, which makes availability for the Glenayre @ctivelink virtually nationwide. This is the ideal piece of equipment for professionals looking for a way to stay connected to their intranet system and e-mail when they are on the road.

The Glenayre @ctivelink accesses the Internet differently than most other systems. This means that people expecting a continuous connection to the Internet will not be pleased. This system works reasonably differently. With this particular unit of person must make a request to use the Internet and then wait while the information is downloaded on the system. This is not as fast as other options available on the market however, if a person is looking forward for reliability instead of speed, they will be pleasantly surprised with this product model.

The Glenayre @ctivelink uses the Handspring Visor model in conjunction with SkyTel networking equipment to bring continuous communication through the two-way paging network. This means that reactions are very quick and responses by the network are almost instantaneous once a request has been made. There are other pieces of equipment that can do more in terms of Internet access as well as higher levels of function, but this is intended to be a bare-bones system to serve a very simple purpose. There must be a connection made with the network almost as if a person is dialing into the network in order to obtain information.

Some people may consider this behind the times however, the function serves the purpose of the individuals that are using the system, and there is also less of a likelihood that a person will be hacked on this type of system than the more traditional computer unit. The average wait time for a simple request is 30 seconds, this is not advisable for individuals to use if they are in constant need of immediate information. In the grand scheme of things however 30 seconds is not a long time to wait to establish a connection on a reliable network.

The majority of people do not under any circumstances need the amount of high-tech features that are available with other systems. The bare-bones approach usually is advisable for individuals who do not understand the majority of technology. The reflex connection on this system is more instantaneous and provides a quicker reaction. Glenayre @ctivelink units are very useful for individuals who need to find out information relative quickly but do not need a large amount of extra features. The display screen is easier to read than the typical pager. It is also extremely easy to compose well thought out responses when a person is trying to respond quickly and efficiently to an information request.

Generally speaking the average person will be happy when they have purchased the Glenayre @ctivelink.

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