Google and Facebook War – What’s in Store for the Future

There’s threatening news for Google Search and that is, Microsoft is planning to enhance the association and partnership with Face Book. This week there was some such announcement which could be a threatening deal for Google. With the close association between the two there will be revolution in the field as the users will have a better search experience. This is what the two giants are planning to do. The plan is when Microsoft’s Bing search engine is used for finding something like a car or book then there will also be the list of friends on the Face Book who liked any of the items that the person is searching for. With this decision making will truly become a simple thing.

Industry experts are a bit reluctant about the deal’s success. This is because what Face Book did id, joined hands with Microsoft Search which is still in the growing stage; it kept away from Google, which could have been the best deal of the decade.

As per Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Bing was an underdog here and this was the main reason why they chose Bing over Google Search. He thinks that since Bing is unexplored in this market there are chances of innovation as well as better scope. Any how, Google seems to be quite confident and ready to accept this challenge. As per Gabriel Stricker, a Google spokesman, they feel that this healthy challenge will open many avenues for them and they are happy to welcome this. They believe that a healthy competitor is always beneficial for a company to know as to where they are and what alterations they need to make in their business strategies.

But industry experts believe that whatever Google has to say, it will say, but the reality is, this partnership will truly pose a big trouble to Google. But again, it is also important to note that Google remained unaffected even when Yahoo and Microsoft both challenged Google. The two companies worked towards combining their search engines in August. But this did not affect Google at all. It continued remaining the emperor in the Search Engine market without getting affected.

Google team suggested that when combination of Yahoo and Microsoft didn’t work, there is simply no chance that Microsoft’s partnership with FaceBook will work against Google search. And that’s why there are absolutely no ways that Google will ever get affected. However, there are many complicated debates over the issue. It is important to note that when people have to make choice between Bing and Google, they choose Google. But when they have to make a choice between Google and FaceBook then they prefer FaceBook. Thus, if FaceBook leads in this partnership then that will truly be a matter of concern for Google.

This battle and war is therefore considered as the future of web. This is because it is not merely concerned with what we call as search engines. But it also has prominent effects on social networking websites.

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