Google Goggles Future Includes the iPhone

Google is releasing a new version of iPhone till the end of the year. A project leader of Google described the future of company in a presentation. Android based mobile phones are one of the noticeable inventions of the company. In the presentation the project leader included all necessary information. He also reminded the users about the Android operating systems and its benefits.

The main principle of Googles is that it has to be universal. All the queries about the application cannot be processed in a single day. Petrou also showed a book with the image of a manual transmission linkage. Google set two links, one was going to the shopping centre and other is responsible for manual search and transmissions. Google displayed the search result around a third of the time. Internal CONGAS engines match the images with the database and then display it over the screen.

New photos can be easily identified about fifty to sixty percent accurately. Googles has also capability to work with bar codes. It can recognize the text to perform machine translation operation within seconds. There is no significance of explaining how it can do all these operations. Our main focus is to highlight the necessary features only. Googles has to work as a client application. We can say that the main objective of the application is to handle images within seconds.

Google has designed Googles to work with third party applications. In this way a stamp collector can also upload an image of a stamp and also gives the complete description about the uploaded image. An open API may also be embedded with the application that would take the picture of some foreign currency then convert that automatically to dollars. The concept is quite difficult to implement.

Google is also planning to fuse camera with the application but it will be used for right user interface. Googles has also the capability to identify the different faces but this feature has not been properly implemented in the application. The application includes almost everything that you can ever think about. We know that more and more people are uploading data in a huge amount. It is necessary to keep the track of uploading data by the users.

If you appeared 17 times with different faces on the web then you will be ranked in top ten results in the Google. If you appear more than 50 times then you will be ranked in top five. For some special reasons Googles don’t include the face recognition feature.

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