Google Hangs Up on Goog-411 to Focus on Android

Most people who didn’t follow the developments of Google as much would probably be surprised to know that the famous search engine has free directory assistance called the Goog-411. You’re lucky if you happen to be one of those people who got the chance to try or at least know about it before, because just recently Google announced that it’s going to hang up on the service to give way for the development of Android’s voice recognition technology.

The search engine giant said in a blog post that the shutdown will occur on November 12. According to them, their growth in the World Wide Web has moved them to go for bigger innovations. This motivated them to focus all their resources on speech-enabling all their future Google products services, transcending various languages.

If you’ve gotten used to contacting the service, don’t worry. You can still refer any business to 466453 and Google will text you the contact information. This will be very useful for those who need the service but don’t have a smartphone yet.

Hopefully this doesn’t lead to the misconception that the Goog-411 was a botched project. In fact, it was quite the lucrative enterprise which maximized the voice search market. This is probably why they made this decision – being able to develop technology that understand voice commands gives them more power to identify their advertising targets through their age, gender, and other characteristics that can be deduced from one’s voice.

And to think that Android’s voice products are already great in themselves. Android 2.1’s voice-to-text capabilities work great with the Google Voice Action application that allows you to use your voice to conveniently control your phone.

The fact that voice technology is going to be the next key to taking over the competition in the smartphone industry is no secret to the big names in the industry. Companies are already working their way to developing their own voice technology and investing in their improvement. Soon enough, Apple is going to come up with voice controls in their next iOS version, considering that it recently bought Siri, a voice concierge application, for $200 million.

Microsoft is also getting a head start on developing industry-leading speech software especially for its Windows Phone 7 platform. Even third party companies are working on this to attract interested companies.

In conclusion, we really shouldn’t feel so bad about Google’s redirections. We all know how significant voice technology can be for everyone. Chances are, we’ll probably enjoy what Google comes up with in the near future anyway.

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