Google Marketplace Hack for the New Archos Tablets

It certainly didn’t take long for someone from the ArchosFans community to make and bring out a brand new application that lets users install Google’s Android market along with a host of Google applications on the Archos tablet. Right now the Archose 28, Archos 32, and Archos 43 can have this application.

Actually, this isn’t something new. Archos users have installed hacks like these before, specifically on the Archos 5 Internet Tablet. But when the Archos tablets started running Android 2.1 that hack didn’t function properly anymore, and it’s not going to work any better once Android 2.2 comes out. But right now, the new application is working just fine.

First of all, the new application installs the Android market, so downloading and installing applications into your Archos tablet will be incredibly convenient. But that’s not all, because the installation also comes with Google’s Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, and even Google Maps.

Since this is a hack, a couple of glitches are not surprising. There are those who see symbols above the Google Calendar application. But there are those who have more complex problems, like not being able to boot the Archos tablet after doing and update. The latter problem, however, was said to have been due to a lack of storage space needed to install these applications and their corresponding updates on the device.

Installing the new hack is easy:

  1. Go to the ArchosFans Forum thread and download the file “gApps4Archos.apk” via one of the links you’ll find there.
  2. Take your Archos tablet and plug it into the computer, mounting it as a storage device.
  3. Export the file you downloaded to your device and safely remove it from the computer.
  4. Install the application from your device using the Archose file explorer. To do this, simply locate the file and run it.

Of course, users should always remember that this is, above all things, a hack. Thus it’s not supported by either Google or Archos, which means you’re not getting any top-of-the-line consumer support when you experience problems. But don’t worry, you’ll find that the overflowing threads in the Archos online community will be more than enough for any troubleshooting.

In addition, there’s also a demo video on the hack created by the editor of ArchosFans, Charbax. The first portion of the video will give details about the file, which might you might find very useful. You don’t have to view the entire video, since the rest of the clip features other topics like gaming and Skype on Archos 43.

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