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Google Testing Full Page Search Previews & Twitter Integration

Google has been checking the previews of Websites within its search engine, and also the Twitter combination on Google News feedbacks of users. Nowadays with a discovery of search engine optimization expert it has been noted that Google has been analysing whole page previews of Websites which have been submitted as requests to the search box.

Internet users who type a search query to a search box and click Search button, by a great chance they would see the results in blue highlighted form. Skimming through the results that came up brings out a preview of the Website related with the request at the right side of the search result list.

Those who have been carrying out search may click on preview and get directed the the original page, although some may be cut to fit into the limited space that is provided on the right side of the search list.

Patrick Altoft who is search director of Branded3 stated that it is possible to see some orange highlighted parts of the pages that come up in the search results and also shows the information which has been taken from the websites.

A discovery ALtoft has been reported in the blog of his company which showed information about using Google Chrome in incognito mode.

In relation to this a Google spokesman told eWeek that they were carrying out around 50 to 200 search experiments.

These have been very important for the companies status in the past 4 years hwoever it was seen as not worth of anything due to a user noticing a radical experiment as a taste of the Instan Search of Google which was carried out in August.

Google did not hesitate to promote it in news events which made a great impact in September. Following this splash the technology has pushed the financial analysers to re consider and estimate the advertisement monetization of Google search.

According to what Youssef Squali who is an analyst at Hefferies and Co, it is believed that such improvements would be a good and effective way of increasing the amount and the frequency of searches as the users would be adopting the automation and also would be effective in lifting up the revenue per search(RPS)

Think Equity analysers noted that 7th October could be the time when the Instant Search may push the revenue by 5% that Google has gained through Google search in short term.

However talking about the whole age previews they are not the only experiment through which Google has been receiving buzz from the users.

What the search engine land stated is that Google is working on connecting the Twitter feeds of the users with Google News which is a great move which will be under the arrangement placed under Google search with the Twitter combination plans.

Google has noted that it will be placed in the Friends box which is situated under Recent Items button. As it would not be sensible to view the Tweets to be viewed by any user, a sign in with Twitter log in details is required.

However a last note is that this should not be confused with the Google Me button, but it is one other sign in Google is seriously caring about.

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