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Gtech G-RAID

Medea Corporation has been a source of reliable storage drives for the media industry, offering fast storage of mission critical reliability. Its brother concern, G-Technology Corporation has brought forth G-RAID drives with similar reliability and performance for Firewire 800 units. Gtech G-RAID 800 and 500 have many uses in the real-world editing.

The Gtech G-RAID consists of two drive units that are connected together within a chassis and give more speed compared to the single drive unit, as an internal RAID is formed by them. After plugging in the drive, erase it and start editing. Any hard drive unit that is being used for the first time should be erased beforehand.

With the Gtech G-RAID 800 being over fifty percent full, the Gtech G-RAID 500 nearly seventy percent full, and a considerable fragmentation, the units still deliver plenty of horsepower. It is a notable feature that they maintain their speeds, in spite of the drives filling up. Their speeds will be retained till they are over seventy-five percent full, without any dropped frames or any other issues. As the Gtech G-RAID 500 is chained to G-RAID 800 that is directly connected to FW 800 port on GS, running them through G-TECH FW 800 PCI card would give more speed.

If you are editing DVCPro HD or DV, you should note that G-RAID smokes the formats. It gives a high speed and horsepower with numerous real-time tracks as well as effects in DV, particularly color correction. For 8bit Standard Definition timelines, the Gtech G-RAID will give one stream of the video having a few real-time effects or filters, in a single unit. For workflow with 10bit using Firewire 800 drive, it is better to strip two G-RAID units together.

Since the recent past, we have edited about fifteen to twenty projects on both G-RAIDs, two of the projects being 8bit or 10bit, and another two being DVCPro HD projects. Further, we have done numerous DVD projects and graphics, and twenty animation projects. I have stored enormous quantities of data off the FibreChannel array to Gtech G-RAID in order to back up on other machines. The drives were connected to different machines, depending on the need of the moment, and also moved around the edit suites. They have also been used for an independent film, and a broadcast series at locations. They have been subjected to connection and disconnection over a hundred times.

Throughout the various tasks, the G-RAID drives have been solid. There were no errors or data vanishing at the desktop. There was never a refusal to mount. Undoubtedly, the G-RAID drive is a trouble-free drive from my non-linear editing experience of over ten years.

Gtech G-RAID has a remarkable versatility with seamless performance up to 10bit uncompressed, and remains solid regardless of its connections and surroundings. It is an excellent Firewire 800 product and among the best of hard-drive products.

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