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Hard Drive Manufacturers Hit by Tablet PCs

While large corporations, local businesses, and ordinary people like you and me celebrate over the growing trend of tablet PCs, somewhere there are those in the world’s economy someone is experiencing the other end of the sudden shift of market and consumer demand. If there are such people, it would be hard drive manufacturers worldwide.

Yes, the massive consumer demand redirection from the typical PC to something more portable – like the tablet – is currently taking a huge toll on hard drive makers. That’s because most of its production is currently dedicated to hard drives for notebooks and netbooks. Representatives of big companies like Japan’s Hitachi Ltd., Western Digital, and Seagate, are certainly sharing this sentiment.

But not all is lost. These companies are hoping that the tablet PC niche in the digital industry will carve a room for hard drive makers in the future. This is a possibility backed up by the recent release of the latest player in the tablet race, Research in Motion’s Playbook, which now has a USB port – something that Apple’s iPad didn’t have.

The idea that USB ports will soon be seen on tablet PCs in the near future opens a lot of doors for these currently low-profiting companies. That’s going to allow a very significant role to be played by these hard drive manufacturers: producing USB external hard drives.

Seagate’s opinion is that the natural lack of hard disk storage for tablet PCs will develop the need for more storage space from users of future tablet PCs. If you think about it, it doesn’t seem so farfetched at all. Tablet users who are mobile dependent are probably data dependent as well. With so much stuff you’d want mobilized, you’d definitely start hoping that these tablets will let you have access to an external hard drive.

Seagate even intends to take an aggressive approach to making flash storage devices for these tablets. This is due to the trend of depending more on flash memory that boots fast. This is essentially a really good combination of a short term and a long term action from a distressing company such as that.

If this is the case, then it’s safe to say that these hard drive manufacturers won’t be going down anytime soon. Soon, they might have to tighten their belts up a bit, but eventually they’re going to get back in the game by giving their dynamic consumers their best. Pretty soon, they’ll be enjoying the celebrating end of this changing economic end.

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