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Hitachi DeskStar7k1000

The vast majority of people are happy when using the Hitachi DeskStar7k1000. This drive has done exceptionally well in various testing that was conducted on the computer drive by various different companies. Many other manufacturers are going to be following the ITB technology over the next 12 to 24 months in order to be competitive with the Hitachi DeskStar7k1000 model specifications.

It was very reason in times that the amount of storage space offered by drives such as the Hitachi DeskStar7k1000 was inconceivable. Now the majority of people are so used to having an extra amount of storage space that they almost overuse their computers in an attempt to store as much as they possibly can. The format of the Hitachi DeskStar7k1000 is the traditional 3.5 structure. It stands at over 7200 RPM. This makes the model extremely fast and efficient. There is also SATA memory available in the form of 3 GB for anybody that wants to use that style of memory as well.

It is also possible to configure the hard drive to run on a much slower speed if you find that it is not compatible with the above-mentioned specifications. The drive comes with over 900 GB of usable source storage space once it is properly formatted. The Hitachi DeskStar7k1000 . The average file transfer speed on the unit is somewhere between eight and 12 ms per over 70 MB. This is exceptional within the current marketplace and is sure to please any individual that has a lot of material that must be transferred quickly. This is not to say that the model has no problems, however speed is not going to be one of the main issues for anyone using this computer configuration.

It usually has some difficulty with random access speed tasks, but the read time is exceptional. Read time generally translates to the amount of time it takes for the computer to process information. This is helpful for individuals that want to do a decent amount of high-quality gaming. It is also extremely valuable for people who are trying to get decent graphics performance out of the unit when they are trying to watch video online or from DVD or Blu-Ray systems. The writing capability is incredible it takes approximately 20 seconds to write 1.5 GB of information to the drive. The average person will not need to transfer that much information on a regular basis.

To put this test into perspective it would take approximately 21 hours to fill the drive completely beyond what it can handle. This is a long way from the computers that used to take several days to process information. This ideal drive is intended for individuals that have a lot of multimedia content such as video and audio files that will eventually eat up a lot of space. This hard drive is one of the fastest and largest single system drives on the market. A person making a purchase of the Hitachi DeskStar7k1000 will most definitely not be disappointed with their investment.

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