How Soon Should Toddlers Get Exposed to Gadgets?

Toddlers in today’s world are being exposed to gadgets quite early, especially in the name of educational development. You find two year olds owning specialized laptops for vocabulary building and camera enhanced letter recognition aids. Even babies still in the womb are not spared as foetal disturbances are quelled by gadgets that play mummy’s voice to them. Let us run through this gadget revolution over the next few paragraphs in order to get a clearer picture of the situation.

You would be very wrong if you think your child of today would appreciate an iPad when he becomes eighteen, since currently he has a number of touch screen gadgets at his disposal while still at kindergarten. This is the situation, based on the complexity of gadgets currently in the market for kids less than three years old.

For instance, the pen tablet recently launched by Inspan Infotech is almost as good as the Apple iPad and it was designed with 3 to 8 year old kids in mind. It comes in-built with a 5″ x 8″ TFT touch sensitive screen, writing pen stylus and numerous games. Computer connectivity with this device is seamless via USB and it supports all modern Windows operating systems. According to the product’s brand manager, Kumaravel V, it was designed to fast track learning for kids. Are we saying that there are no less complex devices that can help kids achieve this? Also, do who think a child you has this gadget would hold any respect for tablet devices when he or she becomes an adult?

The device introduced above is just one out of a multitude of similar gadgets targeted at kids. Though the hardware companies have decided to make the gadgets more of an educational tool for greater acceptability, because there is a school of thought that believes the children are being bombarded with so much technology at a very tender age. Major gadgets in this regard include 3D animated books from The Salariya Book Company, electronic cash registers and scanners that teach about the money concept, and the TV Learning System from V Smile among others.

Proponents of this technological movement posit that these gadgets will improve the learning process for kids, but the opposition is quick to note that it is just a quicker means of stratifying kids since most of these devices are luxurious and can only be afforded by the rich. For instance, in the case of the augmented reality 3D books, while there are advantages with such e-readers for learning, the needs of similar books in print for kids whose parent cannot afford the gadgets may be forgotten.

The final answer to this should be a balancing act. Children will surely benefit from a number of these gadgets, but they should not get too involved with them such that they lose contact with the real world around them.

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