How to Get Bought by Facebook or Google

The plethora of online startups and e-stores is a well known fact. However, what lies in the black box is how to get the work recognized by the czar’s of industry such as Facebook, Google or the mighty Cisco. The fact is that there are no hidden secrets or a se formula which can ensure that the giants can consider buying out your business entity on the go. However, the following pointers can still help one in getting recognized and possible be bought by the giants of the industry:

Crisp Updates

Those sites and online zones which constantly update their content with the best in class news and products or services are recognized faster by the best in the industry. The idea is to provide unique and an insightful content to the readers. Creating fake stories might attract the gossipers on the site but is not a recommended way to maintain the site.


Innovative products or services or mechanisms of service delivery are important too. The new and cost effective solutions can drive any industry. At the same time these kinds of services create special interest in the target audience.


It is imperative to concentrate on marketing and spreading across the positive word of mouth in the web world arena. This can reach the eyes and ears of the potential giants of the industry on the go. Various channels of marketing the service or product should be adopted. For instance, Volkswagen attached an audio conductor which announced their cars’ feature if people opened the last page of the newspaper. The innovative marketing attempts such as these will definitely help the service providers in gaining the mind share and the heart share of the consumers.

Leverage from Social Media

The social possibilities have grown to newer heights through Twitter, Facebook and other social sites such as Stumble Upon. It is one of the inexpensive and yet an effective way to popularize the business over the Internet. All most all top players of an industry segment have social pages on popular sites. These serve not only as the ways for attracting more traffic but also gives business promoters a unique way of staying connected with their customers. Customers can share their appreciations or criticize the products or services on the same page hence, ensuring that the platform becomes interactive for all the stakeholders.

Service or Product for Mass

The services and products if are for the mass population tend to have higher acceptance amongst the technology giants. For instance, a smart phone product which can test the blood pressure or sugar levels of a patient and at the same time be used for conferencing or as a phone will generate high interest level not only amongst the customers but also in prospective venture capitalists. The arena is super competitive and therefore the services through which multiple tasks can be realized will tend to be hit amongst the stakeholders a lot more than the stand alone features.

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