HTC EVO 4G vs. iPhone 4 and Verizon Motorola Droid X

For many years various brands have been designing new mobile phones and to convince people to purchase their mobile phones so many features and additional services are being designed and added to these devices. However there those who purchase these mobile phones sometimes come across with problems that make them regret buying these devices.

Apple iPhone 4 has been extensively concentrated on the problem it has been receiving in the recent years. The problem is not a big problem and it can easily be overcome by using an iPhone 4 cases or a bumper. Then again the HTC EVO 4th generation (4G) mobile phones were saddled with a problem which is the separation of screen and devices with problems of leakage.

In view of experts, the major attractive feature of the phone is that HTC EVO has been the first HTC mobile phone which is actually running on 4G networks; however its battery is highly damaged. Comparing this view to that of AT&T experts, sometimes in some places Sprint’s 3G network is quite fast. HTC EVO has a charge of $30 each month to switch to WIFi hub which connects an amazing number, 8 devices, whereas the iPhone connects up to 5 devices with Bluetooth and the charge is $20 per month.

Droid X, amazing Android gadget which was released on 15th of July by Verizon, has manage to become the fastest selling Android so far, however the mobile phone is disadvantaged by a few problems with its good to be screen. A few owners of this device reported that the screen suddenly flashes without giving any warning and sometimes the phone screen is out of use and it is useless.

IPhone has been flourished with an amazing 6 MP resolution camera while the HTC EVO has 8 MP camera. The most highly demanded feature which is the video conferencing feature is better in HTC EVO as it enables the users to communicate even with computer connectors, however the iPhone 4 owners can interact with all iPhone 4 owners and when they are both situated in areas where Wi Fi is available.

Apple being one of the leading brands in mobile phone industry, with its iPhone device it enables the users to edit clips before posting them on Facebook of uploading on YouTube. If you are curious about how much it costs, with same difference they cost the same price.

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