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HUGE 4110

Video recording and editing require large disk spaces which are reliable, apart from being cost-effective and maintainable. The HUGE gear meets these storage needs. The HUGE 4110 consists of a sturdy, functional aluminum case that is an inch high, with a width of 19 inches and depth of 24 inches. Within it there are 10 high speed drives placed as five on each side. Three noisy fans keep the inside cool, reducing the risk of the drive toasting, and ensure longevity of the HUGE 4110.

The ‘HUGE Beeping code’ gives detailed information of any error that is detected. So if there is some failure in the HUGE 4110, it informs you and you can follow the right steps. Heeding these beeps will keep your data from crashing further down. The HUGE Ciprico team will almost always rescue data in the event of a mishap.

It has a set of rails for the standard 19 inch rack mounting, and a servicing box. A simple knob allows you to release the cover, and you can access the logic boards and drives. This professionally designed machine has only one connector behind the box, for AC power feed. On the front is the mode select switch and selector, a serial port for diagnostics, two 4GB FibreChannel ports and the power switch. Its design is such that you can maximize rack space, simultaneously allowing heat dissipation and good ventilation. The serial port requires a simple terminal to show you the condition of the drive. Any PC will do this.

You just need a fast card (like the Atto Celerity FC42XS out of G5 2.7 Dual) that can be tapped into the machine. You can use it for video editing ranging from 25 mbs DV25 and HDV, to HD720 as a DVCProHD and HDCAM. In ‘burst’ mode, it can handle HD 1080 uncompressed, but the normal speed is sufficient for HDCam.

HUGE 4110 has a group of varying configuration, a few of which maximize speed, while another few maximize space. It can be configured to an extremely fast ‘burst’ drive, allowing tremendous speeds, but the capacity will be reduced by 40 percent, because the faster segments alone are used in each of the disks. It can also be configured for complete space usage, and further it supports several RAID modes. For instance, RAID 1 will allow arbitrary drive construction, slightly sacrificing the redundant data, so that the 1.2 Terabyte model becomes 20 percent smaller, yet 50 percent more dependable. Two fiber-channel ports at the front allow two computers to access the HUGE 4110 directly, without SAN software. The database can also be split into two halves.

For a smaller studio, the considerable noise level is still acceptable and the performance level makes it a heavy duty IT product of professional excellence. The need of large data-spaces with minimum physical space has been met by HUGE 4110. It is a must for eCommerce nests, IT data center, legal and banking data repositories, or for data intensive applications requiring speed and reliability. It is also suitable for effects and animation houses, reality shows and medium to large sound and editing studios.

HUGE 4110 is among the recent arrivals for competing in the storage arena, and has been a revolutionary product for the storage industry. The product is made to meet the client requirements rather than beat the competitors.

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