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IDS Launches iPad Medical Documentation Apps

The flurry of applications being developed for the iPad is not likely to stop any time soon. Rather, I think we are yet to see the best as developers are in the race to outshine one another and earn top dollars courtesy of the fastest selling gadget of all time, that is, the Apple iPad. In this vein, two new health care related applications for the iPad were released by Integrated Document Solutions (IDS), giving health care institutions the flexibility of easier and faster documentation of client data. IDS is the first company to foray into the delivery of health care related applications using cloud computing technology.

According to the developers, these new applications would streamline the process of patient documentation for health workers, eliminate paper based forms and allow for mobile entry and updating of required data via tablet devices. Overall, it is aimed at improving the productivity of these workers while making life easier for patients and the care givers alike. These applications also act as a follow up to a number of smart phone application recently launched by the company.

The two applications are the AbbaDox eForms and the Mobile AbbaDox for iPad, which aim to use the portability advantage of the iPad to increase documentation efficiency and allow care givers concentrate more on treating the patient since less time would now be spent on documentation. Let us take a look at both applications and review their specific functions.

AbbaDox eForms is touted as the application that will greatly reduce paper work in hospital settings. This application is able to manage regular patient documentation forms in electronic format. Using web access via the iPad and integrated provider network, forms with secure access for individual patients can be fill, test results and vital signs indicated in designated boxes. This is achieved using the iPad’s touch screen interface, virtual key board, and drop down options. Based on parameters set, this information can be used to provide quick reports about a patient’s status and shared or used as expected immediately.

Imagine how seamless it will be after the clerical staff and nurses take your information and vital signs all without paper and then send it to the next doctor on line through this platform. In a few minutes, you would be ready to see the doctor without waiting for your patient file to be moved at all. It will have already been transferred via Mobile AbbaDox for iPad.

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