Intel Tool Will Convert iPhone Apps to Run on Intel Chips

A tool is being developed by Intel which will make it lighter for developers to harbor the applications of iPhone to the tablets, smart phones and other devices that are based on Intel, as said by an executive of the company on Tuesday. As many of the tablets and Smartphones today run on the processors that are Arm based and hence the developers are inclined to make mobile applications for the Arm architecture first. By getting it easier to harbor those apps to the processors of Intel, Intel hopes to make more software and hence more demand for gadgets that are based on its chips. The Vice- President, Doug Fisher, of Intel’s software and services group and also the general manager of its systems software Division, said that this tool will distinguish the changes which are needed to be done in an application of iPhone, which makes it easier to change over the application to run on the hardware that is based on Intel, in a interview on Tuesday.

In the coming future, a simple way could be provided to harbor applications to a Linux based mobile operating System, the Meego that is developed by Nokia and Intel, which was introduced earlier this year. This tool would help in increasing the number of apps that are available at the AppUp centre, the application store of Intel. This store has notebook applications, but is anticipated to provide apps for other mobile gadgets in the coming future. However, Apple is the beginner in this arena. Apple’s App Store has about 250000 applications. The launch date of the tool was not announced by Intel yet. Atom Processor was being tried to push by Intel into the smart phones, other embedded devices and tablets, yet it is a new comer into the space. Most tablets and phones, including the iPad and iPhone, use chips that are based on Arm devices today. Fisher said that making people charged up to develop to platforms of Intel is perfectly critical to them. This is being tried to achieve by Intel, via the developer competition and developer tools and thus by making it lighter for developers to give a legal value to their applications. Meego was introduced by Intel and Nokia in February. Besides tablets and phones, it is also aimed at embedded devices like in- vehicle entertainment devices and set- top boxes. Later this month, 1.1 version of the Operating System, will be released by this company, which will involve better telephone capabilities and touch. The Operating System will appear in in-vehicle entertainment systems, tablets, net books by the end of the year.

Meego will also be made available by Intel for devices that are using Arm processors. Fisher also told that along with Meego coming out, the Arm architecture will be expected in handsets. Fisher also added that the handset devices with Meego will be seen in the market from the first half of next year.

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