iOS Daylight Savings Glitch Results in Oversleeping

People who relied on alarms that are based on iOS 4.1, this Monday might have slept for an hour extra as affected by Daylight Savings effect.  Many users of iOS 4.1 in Europe, on Monday Morning, informed that the alarm clocks they are using that are based on iOS 4.1 could not cope up for the change in day light savings time, where the clocks were lagging back for an hour right from 2 am in the morning and because of this the alarms hit it off an hour lately.

Such similar problem was also stated by people using iOS from New Zealand and Australia, one month earlier, where the alarms rang an hour early due to switching off of daylight savings. As per some reports, Apple is trying to update this feature in the coming version so that this bug can be rectified.

Savings of daylight time will end in Canada and United States by November 7th, the Sunday at 2am. Many European users of Apple iPhone suggested users in North America to manually adjust or re-add the recurring alarm by deleting the old one, so that they can have the exact wake-up time, atleast till a quick update of this bug is released by Apple. The users in Canada feel that they are warned already.

Innumerable users of iPhone in Europe, this Monday morning, turned up late for work or offices due to the fault in alarm clock of the device. For instance, if the alarm is set to ring at 8 am in the morning, due to the day light savings, the alarm ran at 9 am, which made the users go late to their work. Though few users felt happy as they got a reason to be late to office on Monday Morning, sleeping an extra hour, many users whined for being late to office rushing due to this bug.

Many people who support Apple, in turn are against such people telling that, if they are so attentive, they would already know that the alarm of iPhone would go wrong, as it already happened in New Zealand and Australia, this October.

One software patch was released by Apple, responding to this problem, albeit no such debug was announced in Britain still. It may be easier to switch on to the traditional alarm clock for waking up early than relying on iPhone’s alarm. Users in Canada may take this into consideration to in time to office than pretending ignorance to the glitch of iPhone’s alarm.

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