iPad Being Used in Gulf Oil Spill for Real Time Public Health Reporting

The director, Mark Ryan, at the Louisiana Poison Center, is using the iPad of Apple, to help report cases, of related poisonings in Gulf oil spill, more quickly to Public Health Department. Log Mein Ignition, is the application used by him to log in remotely to his work PC, from where he can get together with the department of public health in the United States. Though the leak has been taken care of, yet the massive spill of the oil in Gulf of Mexico still extends to be an issue of health for affected areas. Mark Ryan is a tech savvy and was using the iPad for this issue. This application called Log Mein Ignition, utilizes the center’s data collection application. This application costs around $30.00.

By the help of this application in iPad, Ryan is able to continue reports with the department of public health within 15 minutes of encountering a case. The iPad permits him to execute this type of reporting, even when he is not at his work place and all the time round the clock. This application allows him to

a) To help coordinate responding to geographic clumps, forward each and every report regarding oil related poisoning to the department of health and get betimes warning of coming forth issues.

b) To enhance his capability to report round the clock, whether he is in his office or not.

c) Allow him to forward a news report in 15minutes about every single case to the department of public health.

It is important to register the reports as soon as possible so that the department of public health can monitor courses and react in a timely manner. Toxical, one of the data collection soft wares was configured by the poison control center, to send a warning to Ryan every moment a case related to oil spill comes in and then he forwards the case to the department of public health. Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements, to defend confidentiality of the patient, are satisfied by Ignition connection which allows Ryan to get to the cases across a secure channel.

To actually tell you, Log Mein Ignition application, is a remote access application which allows users to sign in to the desktop computers from iPad’s, Android phones or iPhones, using the installed software on the mobile device.

As the reports concerned, the data collection software, Toxical is configured, by the poison control center to transmit an alert to Mark Ryan, every time a case related to oil spill comes in and then he forwards the case to the department of public health. This report emphasizes the capability to be mobile with the Apple’s iPad, a practicality often essential in the arena of public health, but actual time of reporting of public health matters is something that will in a hopeful manner, be studying as well. A great example was set by Ryan, of using Log Mein and iPad, to do real time reporting of health. If not only saves time but also makes the system more efficient.

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