iPad Can Replace Traditional Textbooks

The assistant professor of management, Corey Angst, at the university of Notre Dame, has initiated a pilot study of electronic readers (e-readers) for one year starting with the Apple’s iPad. One of the aims of this pilot study is to find out how electronic text books could possibly replace the traditional textbooks. This has very nice and occupying applications that push us towards the dynamic and active electronic medical textbooks.

If this electronic textbook becomes popular, this can provide an opportunity to the schools to take the head in the innovation of digital textbooks. Many schools and universities are giving iPad’s to the students, and allowing them to carry this portable computers home too. The vice president, John Sipe, of K-12 sales for Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, told that the Apple’s iPad application basically replaces an 800 paged traditional text algebra book which students would use normally. Students academic performance is also been evaluated after the usage of iPad instead of the traditional textbooks. Recently, with the UC Irvine school of Medicine and Stanford school of Medicine, giving Apple’s iPad’s to the medical students incoming to the classes newly, data and information on the utility of medical e-books should be ample and plenteous soon.

It may not be an over statement to forebode that next decade’s medical students will not lift a materialized or physical textbook. As a matter of fact, even possession of a distinct entity, earlier referred to as a ‘text book’, may be a historical annotate. Alternatively, students may just rent the sections of the subject; they need for a specific course, giving a revenant subscription fee to the publishing firm for the period of use. This agreement could nature innovation and permit for dynamic electronic books that vary with standard of care.

For lot of medical students, who have got blunt after repeatedly paying up 100 dollars to 200 dollars for each book, this more financially reasonable model cannot come shortly enough. As a matter of fault, students in schools and college, who are buying many textbooks, for a course that is lasting for just two or three month’s are likely even more keen for such a system. The growth of e-books and in peculiar, the e-textbooks will be outstanding for practitioners and students alike. At an equal rate, ubiquitous availability and very sensible pricing models will unfold the doors to more income and more happy users. Yet, this will barely be the origin. The true golden opportunity will come in by keeping the author’s engaged the authors with the readers and still more significantly, the subscribers with each other. With this kind of study services in the world, learning happens just as much in the “wild” as it happens in the classroom and also the part of the teachers and students start to intertwine. In the other words, it is like learning in the real world, rather than that in the sterile in closure of the lecture hall.

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