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The iPad is a simple piece of hardware, not very perplexed. Person who knows the basics can easily go through the device. A person, who is well versed and loves to work with iPhone operating system, will surely love the iPad, except for learning about it. The iPad has a pretty simple design and doesn’t have amazing difficult characteristics either. Yet, there might be small oddities, like in any other device in the market.

“User guide” can help us to solve those problems out. Every thing i.e. needed to know may not be included in this or some times the user may miss some bits of information here and there.

As iPad shares the same operating system as iPhone, the Apple iPhone users find it easy to work with iPad. Here is some valuable information about iPad, for those who do not have enough time to go through the user book for details or for those who are not iPhone users.

The “re-set feature”, a simple one, is overlooked by many people, which is built in the iPhone. Like any other devices, which are loaded with the operating system of iPhone, when the iPad appears not to be working in the right way, one can hold the power and home buttons for about a few seconds and this helps the system to restart. Some times, if an application resists shutting down or closing, just hold the home key and it will close by itself.

“Muting the sound” on iPad is also easier. Whenever you want to mute the sound immediately, you can hold the volume key and press it for two seconds. The second automatically gets mute. Yet, you can turn down the second even in a less time.

iPad boasts the feature of taking “screenshots”. Normally, every computer has no big problem in taking screen shots but iPad, which uses iPhone operating system, enables us to click a screen shot of any picture or scene, we are looking to. This feature is similar to that of iPhone and many people don’t know this. Taking a screenshot is very easy with an iPad, where, by holding the home and power keys, at the same time, allow us to click a screenshot. It only takes few seconds for it and automatically saves the images in the library.

“Auto scroll” is another easy tip of using iPad. When going through a website page or so and wanted to read some particular line in it, we generally run our finger across the screen, to scroll for reading and returning back to top of page. Instead, by just hitting the title bar, we can go back to the top of the page. Thus, there will be no finger prints on the screen and our iPad no longer looks old.

These are some basic tips to access iPad easily and there are many more of them which go unnoticed. Stay tuned to get more useful tips and have an ease to use the iPad.

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