iPad to Be Used for Imaging Purpose by Radiologists

There has been findings and studies over the medical applications of iPad. And one of the popular radiologists, Dr. Sam Friedman, has reviewed the prospect and potential iPad’s medical imaging. He had published this review in a Journal called Imaging and Radiation Oncology.

He had a glance and deep review over five main medical apps of an iPad and it iClarity, MIMvista, eFilm Mobile, OsiriX, ResolutionMD. After viewing these apps in detail he had a question in mind and that was whether iPad can be used completely and thoroughly in dealing with radiology images and solutions. There are many medical experts who are looking for such amazing gadgets. Even though, every one will not plan to buy the same. But the main thing is, the revolution that is taking toll over the world in the field o technology, such medical apps would simply contribute positively in this innovation. Resolution has been approved by Health Canada for the purpose of finding diagnostic results in imaging. Last year there was similar statement and that was made by Felasfa Wodajo. This person who is a bone surgeon reviewed that iPhone having app OsiriX can be used for diagnostic imaging.

The above findings and reviews have opened doors for the hope that an iPad will be used for diagnostic images. This will bring in a revolutionary change in the field of radiology.

Apple’s new tablet has therefore opened various avenues and prospects for potential development in the field of radiology. An iPad looks like an iPhone. But its applications and ambitions are far ahead of time and from any other gadget too.

Even after this review it is still not clear about the complete and thorough use of iPads in the department of Radiology. Well, but it can be a perfect solution for someone who is constantly mobile. For such people or doctors having such an application that would solve the urgent need of the hour or help the patients while on their way.

It is worth noting that many hospitals are already using eFilm in their radiology department. They use this app to view the images stored in PACS. The clarity and picture image is simply great. And thus, one can rely on the images as produced on your iPad screen. It is believed that iPad is the only and the very first gadget that has medical apps. However, this gadget will not include the doctor’s or radiologists’ primary interpretation. They are basically meant for something that is very urgent or if one requires a quick review.

But it is for sure that there will be a day when iPads will completely replace all other medical equipments and tools and will help in actually diagnosing images in the field of radiology. There will be a time when iPad’s use will not be limited merely to a quick review. In fact it is believed that this will become an important part of the medical world. It is best as of now to wait for that time when iPad would be hero in the medical world.

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