iPad to Offer Alternative Communication Services to Challenged Kids

When iPad was first released into the market, it promised great entertainment along with professional services. Recently according to a report from the Journal of Wall Street, iPad is also striving for the benefit of children who are having Communication and Speech problems by introducing some benefits into the tablet, that are not present in the past.

It is really a good news for such children, challenged with communication and speech problems and also for their parents as iPad is trying to present an alternative device to those specialized devices, which costs around some thousands of US $s. There was a test conducted to show the action of this software, where a girl with spastic paralysis or cerebral palsy, earlier, couldn’t have the ability of answering the questions like yes and no. But now, using this new software application which is costing around $190 which can be integrated with Apple’s iPad enables the small girl to talk the words related with images which can be touched on the device.

In this service, a software called Proloquo 2G which is produced by Assistive ware BV. This service is one among few applications that are developed for children and also people with communication difficulties, which are made available on iPad. These types of applications are also designed for Android tablets of Google which are anticipated soon.

Chief executive, Steve Jobs, of Apple said that the key thing of iPad is hopefully its easy-to-use design elements that help children who are challenged by speech and communication, to learn this software and device, even more easily. Jobs quickly agreed that the firm is not talking any credit for this service, but it is really emotional when it says that for those who need such a product, this device will be a cardinal tool.

Some other touch screen products that are solely made for people who are challenged with these problems, at any cost will be priced between $2,500 and $15,000 for each device. These devices bank on the people eye movements those who are challenged with speech and communication problems. As these companies, who are designing such products for challenged people, will struggle with economic system and hence will have higher production and development cost.

The Chief Executive, Ed Donnelly, working for Dyna Von, which is the company who make devices for such problems, said that only a small segment of such people can be helped out with the iPad, i.e. made alternative to specialized devices.

One major challenge for this software is that Medicare only cover on specialized devices up to $7,000, but not an iPad and its software, though it comes for low cost, as it supports other non-medical purposes also. Even Therapists also recommend tablet devices, which are offering more options. This iPad device is also helpful in removing social stigma, which is associated with those physical & mental challenges.

The specialized devices that are made for these challenged people are often bulkier and attract the attention of people but this iPad device is very slender and drives attention only as amusing device.

Though iPad and other similar tablet in the software, to make it better for disabled kids, its services provided are surely promising for children with communication and speech challenges.

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