iPad’s Prices Beaten by Netbook

As per ABI Research reports the demand for tablets like iPads is quite good. But this does not mean that Netbooks have lost their popularity. They are still as popular as they were.

It is estimated that Netbook shipments should reach 43 million globally. It’s true that in the first quarter there were good sales figures as far as iPads are concerned. But even after this, Netbooks have the same place in the market that it always did. The reason is, iPads are sold on an average price of 650USD. And since this is the rate which not everyone will agree with, Netbooks hold a good place in the market mainly due to the price concern.The prices of iPads make it a bit of luxury item.

If you go back to some a couple of years back i.e. in 2008, you will come to know as to what a good craze was in Netbook shipments. The number in that year was approximately 15 million. And this figure is much more than the figures that were revealed for iPads.

In the year 2009 the figures were double as far as Netbook shipment was concerned. Its is true that in the year 2010 there is good amount of competition and thus it is estimated that the figures won’t double as such, but there will be good increase in the rate of Netbook sales. Thus, you can say that, merely due to the market concern, the price is what matters to most of the people. It’s true that most of the industry experts feel that iPads will change the entire market scenario. But thus did not come to be completely true as Netbook holds its place in the market with out any kind of insecurity mainly because the prices it charges for the gadget is lesser as compared to iPads.

Here are some of the reasons which justify as to why Netbooks are better than iPads:

iPads have virtual keyboard and getting accustomed to same will take some time. And that’s why this is not a good choice as compared to Netbook.

Many people still prefer PC over a mobile phone in order to take up their office work or data sharing. And that’s why they prefer these mobile Netbooks rather than the crude first generation iPads which have owners still suffering from Wi-Fi problems in iPads.

With Netbooks productivity in your work field can be increased due to better operating speeds as well as an amazing keyboard. But iPads are not that productive in comparison.

With Netbooks multitasking will be possible. While you are surfing, you can also take up document typing. But this does not happen on iPads.

If you wish to use more apps and features then a Netbook will be a better choice. This is because in an iPad, the apps can be downloaded only from the Apple Gallery. But with Nretbooks you get better exposure to various apps. This helps in enhancement the facilities as well as apps on your PC.

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