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iPhone 4

iPhone 4 is the latest mobile phone that is designed by Apple and has been flourished with so many amazing features and compared to the earlier generations, this one has new features which have been specifically designed and the existing ones have been redesigned and updated.

The game centre, iBooks, iMovie, mobile phone, Safari (internet), Mail, iPod, Home Screen, Photos, Voice Control, Maps and Compass, Messages, Keyboard, Search, Application Store, iTunes Store, Accessibility, Voice Memos, Calendar, Stocks, Nike + iPod, Notes, Weather, YouTube, Calculator and many more icons are available with the iPhone 4. This mobile phone is just perfect for everyone and these features stated above are not there just to attract customers, in fact they have a very high quality and great service.

With this multitasking mobile phone you can easily carry out several tasks at a time and switch from one to another instantly without having to close the other ones. For instance you can listen to music at the background and at the same time compose emails and check stocks for business purposes and all these will not be limiting the speed of your mobile phone at all. Additionally for those who make use of Skype and other similar applications it is possible to have calls while you have some other applications such as GPS minimized and working at the background. If you are really into social networks you can instantly take pictures or record HD videos with 5 megapixels camera and upload them on your Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and other social network accounts.

The icons of the iPhone such as weather icon will be enabling you to organize yourself nicely. You can very easily connect on internet and check stocks, emails and many other things by viewing real internet pages, The other applications stated above such as Nike + iPod is just amazing for those who attend to fitness centres as it will be enabling you to control your exercises and while exercising you can listen to your music from your iPod.

It is absolutely impossible to explain the features of this mobile phone. However what could be done is that, the specifications can easily be explained which could be a good indicator of the goodness of this mobile phone. The dimensions are 4.5 x 2.31 x 0.37 and the weight is only 137 grams which shows that this phone will be easily fit in your pocket to use it all day long. The storage capacity is either 16GB or 32GB and this is optional. There are white and black coloured iPhone 4 and they both have a great diagonal 3.2 inch multi touch screen with a display at a resolution of 960 x 640. Lastly the retina display feature and the ability to support various languages, characters and the fingerprint resistant coating are just there to amaze the users.

Overall this amazing phone is indescribably perfect and irresistible. It can be purchase from any iPhone store both online and land and also any other mobile phone store and you can make your life highly entertained by this remarkably priced amazing iPhone 4.

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