iPhone Apps for Commercial Collaboration

All the commercial users can now get their work done and stay well connected with his team along with the 3 applications for his iPhone. In today’s connected infinitely workshop, there is a lot of popularity for the iPhone and its usability and hence making it powerful platform for a lot of collaboration. Even with a minimum downloads from the Apple’s store, the commercial user can manage his projects, tracking his overall progress, updating his team of work and sharing the desired documents from any place where he can get a proper signal. With the help of these 10 applications which are even compatible with IOS 3.0 or higher versions, are considered best among the best applications that are in collaboration with other applications in the market. The best among the applications leverage the heat to properly let the user shift his work seamlessly between his phone and his desktop as he moves in and out of his office.

Sharing and storing the files

In order to do any significant work on any iPhone, the commercial user has to in fact get around any one major limitation. By the design, the third party applications cannot share the data with other similar applications. This is the reason why a user cannot open email attachments in any sort other than the mail application’s built-in viewer. It is a fortunate thing that there are many such clever programmers who designed their applications to use the storage online and service sharing Box.net and also the Drop Box. As long as the user has a proper account with one of these services, he can hence access and save the required files there. Each of the storage services offers an application of iPhone of its own that even lets the user manage his storage files among other files or things and hence he can access the saved files there. These storage applications use the online sharing and storing services that also offer an iPhone application that lets him manage the storage files among other files online.


The Box.net has a very long popular online storage of file services and that gets even better with each of the update. When a commercial user accesses the site on a particular computer, he can edit some of the files with the help of Zoho’s full featured Web 2.0 suite, make use of third party plug-ins and many more. The iPhone application allows the built-in file viewer and leave out comments on these files.

Drop box

The Drop box usually offers a variety and different approach for the sharing of files and hence letting the user sync his files among the other windows, Linux and/or Mac computers and the web where he can share his files with other applications and monitor their proper changes. The Drop box usually creates an automatic folder for syncing on his computer. If he desires to change his file in that particular folder or add a file to it, then those changes will naturally sync to other designated drop boxes. He can hence create private subfolders that usually sync among his own computers and share subfolders that sync to the clients, teammates, partners or anyone he designates.

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