iPhone Apps for Getting Things Done

There are some days when you may feel depressed as you feel that there is nothing productive that has been done. Well, it would have been a bad day at work or at home. But if you take up clever management of life then you should not forget the best apps that iPhone has some really good features and apps. List n Do, is truly a rocking app which helps you to conveniently and cleverly integrate and distribute the tasks in various categories. There are two versions in this, if you opt for lite version then there is absolutely no cost as it is completely free, and if you go for fancier version then the price is 1.99 USD. But with minimal or zero cost you can actually plan and settle your life and keep away from unnecessary delays and tensions.

There are categories like Today, Tomorrow, Future, Overdue etc. There is GPS system that allows you to search for tasks that are near their due dates. You will also get the list of tasks or people you have to meet that are near by and can be completed only in a trip with the same gas or fuel. This offers you lot of convenience and saves lot of your time and energy.

Easy task manager helps you to create list of tasks with date, time etc. It also has the feature of rating the task depending upon the priority. Whenever the task is completed, it is removed from to do list. But you can still view it whenever you wish. This app helps you to create sync with Windows or Mac device. Thus data transfer becomes simple and effective.

There are so many things that you have to remember for the entire day and this includes picking up the dry cleaning clothes, buying groceries, making food packets for next day etc. There are text messages, photo or voice messages that help you to keep you updated on your to do list and the concerned tasks.

Other useful apps include Things and Omnifocus. The first one has the price of 9.99 USD and the later one has the price of 19.99 USD. In Things there is a list which is red in color. Omnifocus helps you in planning all your tasks. Then there are apps like Life Balance Advice Book and Life Balance. These apps help you to make a schedule which has everything from tasks to outings to relaxation. The pie chart helps you to visualize as to how you are actually spending your life, how much percent you are giving to work and how much to leisure.

Then there is habit factor app that comes only at 6.99 USD. This helps you in getting rid of old habits and form new healthy habits. These help you to analyze your actions weekly or monthly. Thus you get an idea as to what kind of habits you should get rid of and in how much time and which new and good habits you should form.

Thus, the above apps really help you in getting things done the way you want them to.

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