iPhone Apps for Successful Business Collaboration

Today, workplace has become competitive as well as connected. And if you wish to connect and collaborate, for the betterment of you business then you ought to have an iPhone. Can you believe with a few killer downloads there can be convenience in your work right from updating the team status to document sharing and project managing.

Here are 6 killer apps that are considered as the best apps due to better compatibility with iOS 3.0 and higher versions. It works in a dual manner and switches the status as required from a phone to your work desk and vice versa. If you wish to get this information then just read on:

File sharing and storing

If you have been using an iPhone then you should be aware that it is a bit incapable in data sharing with other applications. But thanks to the geeky programmers who have designed some amazing applications which make online sharing and storage compatible and useable.Box.net and Drop box are two popular services which also offer usability on an iPhone. And thus organizing tasks, sharing documents and storing files becomes very simple on your iPhone. Thus with the two amazing applications, Box.net and Dropbox things have become very simple and easy.

File editing and creating

You are here to work and not simply be a silent watcher or observer. And therefore for all your files you will require some amount of editing. Some of the amazing applications will help you to do the same on your iPhone. iThoughts is a popular application which helps in creating and sharing minds. This application leverages Box.net and Dropbox. And thus with mind mapping and sharing there can be good sharing and building foundations of ideas. iThoughts has inbuilt server which can be accessed through Wi-Fi or any other computer browser. Also, the team members who do not have iPhone have access to mind maps.

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite

It is an amazing application helpful in document editing. With this application, one can view presentations and make changes in the spread sheets as well as various documents. It makes the large documents shrunken in such a manner that you can view them on your iPhone screen. Its sync with Box.net and Dropbox helps to store as well as edit various Google documents.


With this application called Soonr there is work review, document sharing as well as back up. If you wish to use this application then you should install Mac or Windows. If you have saved your file on Soonr cloud then you can log in or open the same on any other browser.

Managing projects

If you are looking for applications tools that help in managing projects then Outpost 2 and Huddle are the best applications. With your iPhone there will be complete project management. You can add, review, and integrate projects. You need to manage Base camp account which will help you in taking up internal messaging within your team.

Huddle helps you to work easily and effectively with your team. Using Base Camp there can be scheduling, web conferencing and document sharing as well as editing. And Huddle enables you to do all this.

Team Communication

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center, yammer and Smart Recorder are quite popular these days. These applications help you in managing your team via effective communication. And merely with your iPhone you can do all this and handle your office environment.

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