12 Responses to "Jazz Jazba Logo Controversy"

  1. Qadir says:

    Though not copied but not unique as well. Well written.

  2. Zainab says:

    That awfully looks same. Shame on your Mobilink.

  3. Maumana says:

    They should really change their ad agency. They will sink Mobilink boat.

  4. Anusha says:

    Everything about the Jazz jazba is full of crap and confusion. They still have to figure out whether it is jazz jazba or such jazba.

  5. Junaid says:

    Originally Posted By AnushaEverything about the Jazz jazba is full of crap and confusion. They still have to figure out whether it is jazz jazba or such jazba.

    I second that. They keep on promoting Jazz Jazba instead of Such Jazba. Whats this name anyway… Such Jazba.

  6. Mujeeb says:

    agreed the logo is be similar to the zagora logo but cmon, theres so many logos out there…it can just as well be a coincidence…

  7. mubasher says:

    in my opinion it was merely a coincidence. if we delve into the technicalities behind the making of this logo, only then we can get to the pedestal to judge if it was a copy or not. personally i don’t think mobilink can ‘or’ has copied the much jazba logo.

  8. Xeyna Naeem says:

    I think it is a pretty cool logo and the colors and all is very nice and fresh. i dont understand that just becuase the font looks alike it means its copied. I mean come’on it aint that a big deal. Give Mobilink guys a break man, they have done a great job with the ad and the package!

  9. mmm says:

    Its not a copy.. Copy means duplicate..
    The letters are different, the colors are are much better, the name is catchy.

    I like the logo..

    Lets move on..

  10. khaula says:

    the best works always get criticized. *sigh*
    doesn’t seem to be a copy to me. i comprehensively checked the tutorial and compared the two logos. no doubt on the face of it, they look similar but no… this doesn’t qualify as a copy.

  11. Umair Yousaf says:

    I second Mubasher’s comment up there. There is no reason Mobilink needs to ‘copy’ a logo. I mean, come on. We are talking about Mobilink here, the innovator in the market. I just believe a lot of people just look at the ‘style’ and believe things are copied. Oh wait, why are all the comments appearing in the same font. Is everybody copying here?!

  12. mubasher says:

    it surely isn’t a copy.. i agree with the comments above. thanks umayr! 🙂

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