Judge Denies AT&T Request to Pull Verizon 3G Ads

The ads of Verizon are focusing on the 3G network of AT&T will run or be on air for the time being. One of the judiciaries refused the request of AT&T to cut off the commercials of Verizon; while both the companies are fighting for it in the court, this Wednesday. Early this month, Verizon was sued by AT&T in the district court of Georgia considering the ads by Verizon are misleading and false. After this, within a week, a tentative restraining order was requested by AT%T against those offending ads run by Verizon, thus would ban the ads from casting on air.

Some commercial ads of Verizon initially show a Verizon user using the phone with complete 3G coverage atlas shown at the rear of the customer. Immediately after this, the ad flashes on to another customer using AT&T mobile with 3G coverage map which is blotchy or spotted. The narrator of the show then say that this why few people have a troublesome 3G spotty coverage.

The claim of AT&T is that these ads of Verizon imply that when users do not use their 3G network, they cannot receive or make phone calls by any means, while, to say frankly, the customers are bashed simply down to 2G network where the user can operate the mobiles still.

In response to this Verizon says that the ads of Verizon are true and AT&T sued only because the truth is hurting them, in a filing of court recently.

AT&T requested the judge of the court to ban 5 specific commercial ads of Verizon that are played on air. Those commercials include College, Christmas blues, Bench, Nice or Naughty, and the island of Misfit- toys. AT&T also wishes for stopping or banning the telecast of ads of Verizon which shows the 3G coverage zone of AT&T, where in the non 3G coverage area of AT&T are shown or displayed as white and black spots.

The request of AT&T was not accepted by the judge as he was not satisfied with accusation that AT&T claimed on Verizon and the request of AT&T was denied, after some discussion. The further meet again in the court was postponed to 16th of December. Till then no stay was given on the commercials of Verizon and AT&T is hoping to have a favorable judgment on these offending ads atleast in the next hearing.

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