Kno Tablet to Finally Make e-Textbooks Mainstream

This 14 inched tablet is aiming to bring a revolutionary change in educational system, where the custom book reading will be taken on by the electronic text books. The launch of this tablet may either be proved unwise to break the standard book reading habit or a radical change to bring e- books into mainstream in the educational system. One of the above can be turned out after the release of Kno’s tablet before the end of the year.

The concept of this electronic text books is heard before. To be true, many people are waiting for e- book revolution, which is right over the niche. May be this sounds a bit skeptical, but for people who watched the video on Kno’s website about their 14 inch dual screen changeable tablet, it can be assuasive. Knowing about this, some may be interested to write some savvy interactive textbooks, and some people may feel to go back to their college time, so that they can get one of this to study.

Though details about the newly declared single- screen tablet and the full book reader with dual screen are still going forth, it seems that this commencing company has shunned the philosophy of Apple i.e. everything- must be paper thin and made a significant device that may just hold up to the misuse to which students only could subject electronics. Looks like Kno might make the concept to the market, tending content shares with Mc Graw- Hill, Pearson and Willey. An App Store has also been planned by Kno, to bestow functionality to the appliance thus making it more combatant with the iPad and the new upcoming Android tablets.

Under the guidance of Mark Andreessen of Netscape fame, the company raised 46 million dollars in financing. With this kind of high profile support, the probabilities of Kno making the tablet to market and establishing the eco system for what it is hoping are surely increasing. Many critics doubt that this might be a riotous kit which may finally push us by the e- book tipping point, though they are not sure. The same thing happened with the Kindle DX too, until they tried using one. Whatever, if Kno is even half knavish as the video marketed, it would go well on its way to show revolution.

Some reviews say that they have noted a major weakness in this kind of services i.e. writing the points or making notes in the margins of the e- books is not allowed except for highlighting them. Kno came up a new strength or a concept, i.e. notes can be prepared or points can be made in these books and also the electronic texts can also be foot noted. Hope this new tablet should be a holy grail in Ed tech and not another failed e- book main stream in the world that yet likes killing trees mercilessly. May be by the release of this service, the burden of carrying lots of books can be minimized.

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