Konica Minolta Migicolor 1600W

The Konica Minolta Migicolor 1600W is the most affordable color laser printers on the market at under $200. This product is extremely versatile and easy to use. It is the most affordable product of its kind on the market, however it is also top of the line in terms of quality of text as well as printing speeds. The Konica Minolta Migicolor 1600W is a favorite for both business and personal use. The measurements of the unit are approximately 11” x 15.5 x 15. This makes it a very compact unit that is easy to move.

The Konica Minolta Migicolor 1600W is usually more compact than the majority of inkjet printer counterparts available on the market. The USB port makes the printer easy to connect to any computer on the market. Some people will not be pleased that the USB port is the only connection choice however, for the majority of people it is the only choice that is needed. This Konica Minolta Migicolor 1600W can be used in the home as well as home offices alike. Many businesses are switching to this model because of the ease of use as well as compatibility with a wide variety of operating systems. The photo part of this printer is exceptional. Many people say it is only one step below a traditional photograph printing.

The text that is printed with this type of unit is extremely flexible with more than 50% of the available font styles on an average computer simple to read after the printing has been completed. Unless a person is looking to manage to have publication quality of print, this printer should be able to meet all of the needs of an everyday user. If the print has to be publication quality, going with another unit is probably advisable. This is without a doubt one of the most flexible printers on the market because it can easily handle a high quality of sheets that are produced in a short length of time.

The graphics output level on the Konica Minolta Migicolor 1600W is outstanding and can be used for professional mailing of informational materials. The edges are very tightly constructed, and the colors of the page seem to come alive when looking at the finished product. It has been reported however, that sometimes the lines in designs disappeared because of the blending of certain colors. A person must investigate whether or not the finished product is appearing the way that they intended to before sending any finished product out for the public to see.

Sometimes it is necessary to use thicker lines in graphics so that detail is not lost. People that are wanting to print quality photos should not have any trouble with using this piece of equipment. There is a tendency of colors change quickly as opposed to having gradual shading. Sometimes callers would blend, making the finished product look like it did not hold true to the original photograph. This printer is ideal for normal everyday use, and most users will be pleased with their investment when the price is taken into account.

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