Limera1n Takes over iOS Jailbreak Day from out of the Blues

It is very funny to note that members of the hacking community are currently bickering with one another with regards to which group should release its jailbreak tool for Apple devices. While the hardware and software companies are working hard to ensure the security and strength of their products, the jail breakers work hard to find cracks in the products and give consumers greater control over their devices. This work has resulted in the newest jail break application. According to the technology geeks at limera1n, all Apple devices running an version 4.1of the i-operating system and recent ones can be jail broken, giving users the ability to install what ever they wish on their iPhone 4, iPad and others.

Let us give you a peep into where this bickering originated from. Weeks ago, enthusiasts were anxiously waiting for the smooth date of 10-10-10 in anticipation of the unveiling of the SHAtter jail breaking tool, by pod2g and p06ninja. However, that was not to be as Limera1n emerged out of the blues with a showing of his newest jail break tool. This was surprising to many as limera1n, also known as George “geohot” Hotz had threatened some time back in July that he was done with jail breaking. It seems that the spot light being enjoyed by the new jail breakers on the scene got to him, or he decided to be a bit strategic with his new tool.

Due to Limera1n’s actions and after much deliberation, the owners of greenpois0n jail break, the Chronic Dev-Team, decided to suspend the release of its own tool as scheduled. They reasoned that Apple would scrutinize geohot’s jailbreak, with the intention of discovering its flaws and plug back the operating system based on their discovery, which would not affect their own tool yet. In essence, they have decided to shield the SHAtter jail break tool from Apple for the time being. If Apple succeeds in countering geohot’s jail break, then they would explore both his tool and refine SHAtter to overcome any vulnerabilities noted.

Though, we have to sit back and see how soon Apple is able to puncture limera1n’s jail break tool, because it is pretty versatile. It is capable of jail breaking a wide array of Apple devices ranging from the most recent iPad to the iPhone4 and 3GS. The SHAtter jail break tool is pretty limited to only some of this.

Finally, we think it would be best for current and up-coming jail breakers to put their house in order. If they cannot reach a common front with regards to who launches first, then it pays to play the waiting game like the owners of SHAtter has done. This might also be an opportunity for improving the jail breaking tool.

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