Logitech’s Google TV Box Official

Confirmed to enter the digital market soon is the first ever Google TV device, Revue, right after Logitech announced the details of its launch. Thanks to the Revue, users who have TVs that come with HDMI ports will easily have access to Google TV.

Revue actually comes with a companion box and an innovative keyboard controller. To get Google TV, all you have to do is connect your TV, satellite set-top box, or cable, and set up your internet to connect to Logitech Revue.

Revue is dubbed as the “Future-Ready”. Television sets that users have now that is compatible with Revue are already TVs of the future which will only be improved by Google’s technology. Revue isn’t actually designed to serve as a television set, but rather as a TV companion. In terms of compatibility, Revue works with current TVs and any other new HDTV releases that you might get later on. Hence, the term “Future-Ready” was coined.

This soon-to-be released technology will also promote versatility by expanding its accessories. As much as smartphones allow users full control of their devices, Revue empowers the user to have complete control over Google TV, primarily because you can just access everything with the remote control.

Furthermore, Revue comes with a host of pre-installed applications that are designed specifically for your TV. These applications include, but are not limited to, Netflix, Pandora, and NBA TV. But the greatest asset in terms of Google’ participation is that there are already millions of developers worldwide for the development of Android. And when the next generation of applications comes, there’s no way people won’t get impressed.

There’s going to be some focus on the hybrid TV/web searching and some TV applications from Android’s platform, but there’s still going to be lots of support for the Logitech ecosystem. In terms of hardware, Revue comes with two USB ports which can be used for video chatting using Logitech’s Vid with the TV Cam webcam, among other things.

There’s no exact date yet, but you can pre-order your Revue will be at $300 per box. Plus, if you subscribe to the Dish Network’s satellite TV service, you can get the box at $179. It already comes complete with the keyboard, and you could optionally have it with the diNovo mini-based Mini controller for $130. The webcam’s price it $150. You can even get extra keyboards for $100. It’s definitely something worth looking forward to.

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