Love Google. Hate Facebook. Here’s Why

There have been many researches recently telling you that whether people love Google and hate Facebook or vice versa and if yes, then why? Well, most of the people love to socially connect on Facebook then connect with some business on Google. This means that customer base or user base for Face book has increased to a greater extent. But many applications that Face book uses are truly irritating. And thus you can say that with such irritation more and more people feel that Love Google, hate Facebook.

It is seen that Facebook has been following the culture of Confirm or Ignore friend’s response. This is something crude. Also the Follow feature does not give the other party a chance to accept the new person’s subscription in the group or community.

More and more experts have started believing that user base of Facebook is much larger than Google now. But more and more people are shutting their accounts saying that they will never ever be the member again. What do you think may be the reason? Well, it may be because most of them feel that it is waste of time.

There are many people who say that they hate Facebook because they personally feel that it invades one person’s privacy. Some people who feel that they should be honest on Facebook reveal everything including whom they are intimate to. Now, this is something that would shock all other friends and acquaintances.

However, many people who solely support Facebook say that if you feel that you are not safe on this site or if this social networking site makes you waste lot of your time then the best thing will be to delete your account from here. It would be prudent to do that rather than keep on criticizing this amazingly growing networking website.

Love Google has so many reasons and they are:


You can personal email feature and facility where you can send mails and receive mails.

Shared Docs

You can share documents and spread sheets. With this you can upload, modify, edit and submit your work files. It helps you to work as a team.

Web Hosting

Google allows you to host any website on this web. And with search engine optimization and content submission you can gain better exposure to the World Wide Web.

Google Analytics

With this you can find as to how your website is doing and how much traffic it is targeting.

Apart from the above there are yet many applications like Google talk, Google Reader, Google Pack and many more. With all these applications you can get all your work done and yet maintain a level of privacy that you wish to. Also, all these applications are meant to enhance and boost your business. Thus, you are given a wide and broad area to use these Google applications and grow your network both socially and professionally.

Due to these prominent differences between the two emperors on the web many people feel, Love Google, Hate Facebook.

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