Low Cost Andorid Phones for Kenya’s Market

A low cost mobile phone powered by Android is going to be launched in East African country of Kenya by a Global telecom and mobile provider, the Huawei. This news was published in a recent article in cp-africa.com. This phone is an affordable choice which is designed to decrease barriers to entry and ease access to mobile internet. This phone runs Android 2.2 operating system with a 2.2 inch touch screen display, a 3.2 mega pixel camera, a processor with 528MHz, Micro SD storage, brightness, accelerometer sensors, proximity and many others. It supports voice navigation, voice dialing etc. CEO of Huawei Devices, Mr. Kevin Tao, says that, this new phone is surely an affordable option.

Though many foreign people don’t know the altering rate of use of mobile phones in Africa, it is a very common thing in the continent. A mobile phone is a first phone ever for many Africans. The service here is solely provided through omnipresent pre-paid mobile cards, service-contracts need not be signed by the users, while the users in north has to do it as a rule along with a fixed address and credit history. Till now, a mobile phone in Africa generally means a low price Nokia handset, where no major applications can be installable.

However, the inappeasable smartphone revolution seems to be channelized to Africa. Network capacity and handset prices are of course the limiting factors. Huawei with the partnership of Safaricom is launching an Android phone in Kenya. Recently they have announced the price of Android 2.2 powered mobile phone, will be 100 $ (8000 Kenyan shillings) atleast for the handsets. Many people in the upcoming Kenyan middleclass may be able to afford for this new application phone. Cp-africa.com, while talking about this phone says that, it holds all the features described above and the ability to run application off SD card. It is available in purple, yellow, and blue and black. This phone will be known as IDEOS.

Though it is noteworthy that so much hardware capacity is available for such a low cost, it is crucial to mind that to extend to such large, poorer population, the price of the phone should have to dip substantiality further. If a single solution can support many different services, for the same investment or even lesser, it would be very cost effective. Another Android supplied phone was already launched by a biggest mobile network carrier in Kenya i.e. Safaricom in July. This phone was launched combined by Huawei and Safaricom. This phone features a 3.5 inch HVGA touch screen display known to be largest among all Android phones. This is named as Huawei U8220. The users of this phone can use various applications freely that are provided by the Google Android at a low price.

All these announcements together, prove the promise of a free and powerful Android mobile operating system, which is coupled with speedily falling hardware prices to extend to every nook of the world.

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