Match 3PAC-Match Party

The Match 3PAC-Match Party is an outstanding creation and a refreshing combination of intuitive and captivating game play that is centered on the iconic figure of Pac-Man who is celebrating his 30th birthday. Once you launch the application and start a fresh game, vivid Pac-Man ghosts fill up the screen along with a number of small goodies ranging from cherries to cakes and birthday gifts. As you tap and slide for switching the positions of the icons, you need to make a minimum of three chains. Then you will see the present group cleared up and new icons sliding in. Thus, it portrays an impressive standard.

In the area outside the game board, there is a Pac-Man progressing in a maze that is changed every time you have made a match. You have to move quickly, otherwise the ghosts will get hold of you to drain your lives and then it is ‘game over’. As you make more and more matches, the Pac-Man has to make more and more escapes.

Advanced combinations and longer chains will bring additional power-ups such as peaches and strawberries on the screen. You must tap quickly before they become regular icons again. ‘Gifts’ appear now and then on the side and you can use them at your will. For instance, a cherry bomb can be used to knock out a blockade of icons to give you many points.

Match 3PAC-Match Party is a simple game and you can keep playing on and on. I played for about two hours and reached nearly 1.5 million points. An appreciable feature is that your progressive stage is saved in case you need to exit suddenly. Theoretically speaking, you can keep playing it for weeks together if you wish to, provided you have enough lives to sustain.

There is an achievement list that measures your matching expertise, and your high scores are stored in a leader board. If you have any doubts, you can tap the ‘Rules’ button present on your home screen. It displays the features associated with different power-ups, and the corresponding points they carry.

For a person who’s fond of puzzle games as well as Pac-Man, Match 3PAC-Match Party is an ideal choice. Its cost of two dollars is absolutely worth it.

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