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MedCalc Pro

Medical calculator has been in limelight since quite a long time. It is therefore important to know about the review of the same in detail. Medical calculator application is popularly known as MedCalc Pro app. This application has been developed by Swiss Doctors Pascal Pfiffner and Mathias Tschopp.

MedCalc Pro is a popular version of MedCalc. However, this is an upgraded version and is not available for free. But if you are looking for a free version of MedCalc then you should opt for the regular version and not the pro version. There is some difference between Regular version of MedCalc and Pro version of MedCalc. In regular version and pro version the basic difference is in the management of patients as well as the short description for every formula.

Some of the new formulas were initially decided to be installed in the pro version. But later on it as found that even regular version had an amazing demand as well as popularity. And therefore taking this into consideration the developers of this app decided to install formulas in both versions of MedCalc.

If you have iPad then you can install MedCalc regular app but can not use pro version of the same. But it is anticipated that soon this problem will be clear and pro version will be available on iPad native.

The best part about this app is it is really very simple in accessing. And therefore you just have to search for all formulas and there you are with the amazing formulas on your screen. You may even search for formulas via keywords. For example, if you are searching for BMI formula then you should first type weight and then search. It is for sure that you will be able to find the required formula soon.

There is one better feature in this app. And that is, all the inputs that are implausible are highlighted in red color. This will send an alert to the user of this app that there is something wrong with the unit or he has made some mistake in inputting the unit.

If you have been using or wish to use pro management system then you should know that it has an amazing patient management system. This will help you to access and save results that relate to certain patients. This helps in simple and easy data base creation of the patients.

It is vital to note that MedCalc app is available for free on i-tunes. And if you wish to use MedCalc pro then there is a small cost involved and that is 7.99USD on i-tunes.

In short, you can say that MedCalc is a good resource and a useful app. It helps in finding various formulas with the help of certain keywords. It also has the capacity to speed up the input of important data. It therefore plays a key role in data entry too. This information that is mentioned will help you in understanding as to how this app works and how useful it is.

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