Medical Alert Bracelets – Now Inside Your Phone

Right from headbands, wrist watches & bracelets to shoes and now mobiles are all accessories that we simply cannot live without. Or they are the demands of our new lifestyle patterns. Accessories are not just a style statement but they are also designed these days to safeguard lifestyle related diseases.

Usually an accessory is something that we can do without if we want to or even replace it with something else. But what if that accessory is something that your life depends upon? Yes, we have come a long way now and medical science combined with wireless technology can provide you just that.

Gone are the days when the sick and defenceless had to dial 911 for an emergency when sometimes it is even impossible to reach a phone once you are locked up in a terrible situation. Science has moved on to find android solutions to several such human problems and technology has advanced enough to support that.

Medical alert bracelet is an accessory worn by patients with specific health conditions such as diabetes, asthma and epilepsy. Since in case the patient passes out or is not in mental state to express his condition; the doctor can look at the bracelet and provide astute diagnosis and required treatment. Children with health conditions have been advised by their doctors and family members to wear such bracelets as most of them cannot explain their sickness or illness.

A life saving accessory needn’t be worn on a bracelet always as many are uncomfortable with the idea of displaying their medical conditions to absolute strangers, especially while on a date or an important interview. Hence, off lately a study by Florida State University revealed us of Android Smartphones that can detect a person falling or losing consciousness. Perhaps in future one can anticipate a cell phone that can avail such a feature.

Closer to the above could be the application on iPhone. One of the grand features of a 3G iPhone applications is the OnCall Defender Medical Alert with connection to a 24 hour security monitoring service. Any iPhone user can avail this feature through a subscription service wherein an emergency message can be sent to the service following which local law enforcement or emergency services will be sent out, depending on the nature of the alert.

This iPhone application has an edge over the 911 service as the monitoring service can identify your location via GPS. Also one can easily cancel the call in 15 seconds as well. This service can be availed on a yearly subscription fee of $9.99 and on a monthly basis of$16.99. The police and emergency services attendees will already have your history known to them as your profile would have been briefed by the agent who keeps your updated profile since you have availed the subscription services.

A cell phone that commands your rolodex and your daily routine can actually aid you during a medical emergency and even if you are getting robbed. What more can be asked for is a question that is left to our imagination to answer.

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