Microsoft Licenses 74 Palm Technology Patents

Microsoft has been announced to have licensed 74 patents of Acacia Research Corporation and Access Corporation Ltd, which have given a smooth access to the technology, which were in past connected with the smartphones from Palm such as Treo.

74 patents from Acacia Research Corporation and Access Corporation Ltd have been licenced by Microsoft, which has provided them with access to the technology which was used in smartphones of Palm.

Paul Ryan who is Acacia’s CEO was quoted in the Wall Street Journal and it was stated that he said that the patents which have been licenced constituted ‘foundational’ parts of smartphone technology. Access Corporation bought Palmsource in 4th quarter of 2005, which made Palm OS developer that is responsible for Palm Treo’s software powering and entirely owned subsidiary. Palm originally rotated Palmsource in the year of 2003.

In a document which was written by David Kaefer who is the general manager of intellectual property and licensing of Microsoft and widely spread in 8th of October stated that by concentrating highly on licensing the patented inventions from former companies, they are free to develop new software and also provide the partner companies and the consumers with intellectual piece of mind.

Within the past months, several well-known names in technology have engaged in court demolition battle on patent infringement. Most of these derbies were on smartphones, with millions of dollars of possible revenue at risk. In the 4th month, HTC approved that they were ready to pay royalties to Microsoft in return for use of the technology which was patented to them in their Android smartphones.

The claims of Microsoft on Motorola on the rights of the 9 patents in the manufacturer’s Google Android smartphone.

From the launching of IP licensing program of Microsoft in 2003, they have took place in over 600 licensing agreements with companies such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard and many more. Such licensing agreements enabled companies to create partnership and more importantly prevent expensive patent-infringement suits.

The well knows companies Apple and oracle have also been announced to have launched recent legal attacks against Android and this has been affecting the smartphone market share in the past months. It has been stated in Google statement which was released to the public that, it is a shame to see Oracle turning around to attack, not only to Android but the whole open source Java service with unclear claims on software patents. Open platforms such as Android are in need for innovation, and it has also been stated that there will be continuous support in this community to enable mobile phones to be improved to the best level to provide consumers the best experience.

Apple has also battled Nokia and HTC for patent rights, claiming that their devices make use of the features of iPhone. To not to be beaten, Nokia has put up a fight on their own patent rights again Apple.

Provided that Microsoft’s recently licensed patents are actually at issue in a fight filed with Acacia against Apple, Samsun, Motorola and other brands that manufacture smartphones, Redmond could possibly spot its lawyers dispatched on a different IP related job. In principle, the patents could also be a way of protecting Microsoft from further lawsuits from the company which acquired Palm, Hewlett-Packard and supposedly preparing a series of tablets and smartphones which make use of the webOS operating system from Palm.

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