Microsoft Sees ‘Natal’ as Your Next TV Remote

General Manager for one of the services of Microsoft, Marc Whitten, said that in the near future, the technology that Microsoft is developing i.e. Project Natal, will probably replace the remote controller of TVs that are powered by Xbox 360, reasonably and undoubtedly.  Four major arenas were highlighted by Whitten; they are control, curation, community and content which are leading the development of video content and television.

Whitten also added that he doesn’t agree that present period is a golden era of TVs or a golden period of game consoles or even the golden era of Internet. To be frank he says that in the coming five years from now, probably the differences in the above contents or services will be very hard to differentiate. As thought the platform of Xbox 360 and its recent additions was highlighted in the talk of Whitten. Among all the recent addition Netflix stood on the top of the Xbox Live providing access to the gamers and users to many hundreds and thousands of films. Whitten quotes the shift of the gaming platform of Xbox 360 to the video platform is really surprising and superb.

A Sky player was also implemented by Microsoft on Xbox 360, in the month of October in the United Kingdom, adding video content on Sky TV and programs a subscription fee if demanded. Whitten told that it is available to everyone now while he told that launching the service in the form of full-fledged option is surely a mistake as it crashed in 3 days within the launch time due to the unpredicted heavy load of bandwidth.

Coming to the option of community, Xbox was initially introduced as a mediating service where users can either play or interact among themselves via internet. The arenas of control and curation are more in a future perspective than the past or present.

The area of content in the future will be well organized based on the user or brand.  It is not about the number of channels but it is all about the content of the channels.  Many companies including Microsoft is becoming much more sophisticated in determining the interests and needs of the users regarding the content and the ways of providing or controlling the inputs to those desired contents are also becoming more sophisticated.

For such services we generally require a best remote control and there comes the usage of Natal. This can very well control all the segments of the TV as per the wish of the user. This may be the best advancement in experiencing the services of TV.

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