Microsoft’s Hope with Windows Phone 7

As far as Microsoft is concerned it thinks its association and step forward for Windows 7 Phone will work wonders and it is in fact one of the biggest launches. It is anticipated that by 2012 Smartphones will outsmart the computer as well as laptop sales.

What more can you demand. You are getting surfing, mailing as well as many other facilities when you buy a Smartphone. This is truly a revolutionary thing. These days you get music, mail and every other thing and feature on the mobile phone device. The information is outsourced or warehoused and this is not done from any computer hard drive, in fact, it is done with various data centers. Now, if at all Microsoft get this right of information warehousing then the stock price of Microsoft is going to rise because it is already on the lower side. And under such circumstances any news that is positive will boost the value of market share of Microsoft.

Microsoft is already out with mobile games. In the year 2004 the market share had fall off considerably. The reason for this was the increasing popularity of Smartphones. But now with Microsoft’s association with Windows 7 phones, it is predicted that something big is bound to happen.

It is anticipated that Windows 7 phones will hit the market in the later part of the October in Europe and same is going to happen on Nov 8th in U.S. People have become too smart today. When they use Smartphone they are also aware of various apps that are supposed o be used on the phone.

Windows is aware that people love using various apps. But since sometimes they have to find and download the same, it takes good amount of their time. Now in order to avoid this, Windows 7 phone will come up with various other things and they include the larger icons on the screen itself having access to various apps. Thus, there is no need to tap various programs hereon. With Windows 7 there will be complete integration of various important and useful apps. Microsoft has set certain rules for Windows phone 7 mobile devices. Microsoft has recommended that there will be with 3 buttons and that are home, search and back. Also there will be minimum 5mp resolution camera. With these guidelines the phone will come with better facilities and will definitely cater to the needs of the customers.

Microsoft suggests that even though on this new phone many apps will be available, the need for newer and better apps is still there. And this makes the company pay up lots and lots of money to software designers. And the to do list of Microsoft’s list is not a small one. It wants to do everything to make this phone a super hit in the market. It has designed several strategies that work towards bringing this cell phone in notice of everyone. What more can you demand. You are getting surfing, mailing as well as many other facilities when you buy a Smartphone. This is truly a revolutionary thing.

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