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Mobile application developers are now trying to find ways to cope with the demands of their task after Apple’s App Store sweep the rather malicious content of some mobile applications. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that many mobile application developers are now contemplating of writing wireless mobile solutions to Apple’s closest rival, the Google’s Android Market.

As this developed, many have foreseen that this could be a big advantage to Google’s Android Market. According to market players, should Apple continue its rather strict policy on steamy contents, there is a possibility that most mobile application developers will have to seek refuge with Google’s Android.

The Journal’s report further quoted, business executive Fred Clarke as saying, “we look forward to branching out.” Clarke made the statement after his company, On the Go Girls, saw last week that 30 of its applications were flushed out from Apple’s App store.

Other mobile application developers also shared the same sentiments of Clarke after having experienced the effects of Apple’s act of sweeping malicious contents of mobile applications sold to them. As this developed, a local Journal saw the big help that Android Market can do in shifting the balance. With Apple’s strict drive against steamy applications, more and more consumers will definitely be enticed to purchase devices adopting Google’s operating system. Moreover, the development is also seen to be the best way to entice consumers to try Google’s latest Nexus One smartphone on sale in its own website. The Journal further reported that this could be Google’s chance to gain the market share by enticing more customers by providing handset makers with devices using their operating system. Should this continue, according to market experts it is one way of leveling the playing field in this industry.

Apple on the other hand reasoned defended its move to get rid of steamy application. According to Apple executives they made such drastic move to give in the many requests they received from concerned parents. It further added that some of the content in few of its applications were also becoming degrading.

Apple may have all the good reasons of scraping out steamy applications from its iPhone and iPad, other players in the industry also have their own share of this delicate issue that has caused little if not huge confusion and debate to key players of mobile application management. However, Apple may want their application to run, should never be a big deal to other players in a negative manner. Instead they should maximize the key player’s move to get their fair share in the industry specifically in dealing with mobility management.

While competition in the industry gets stiffer by the day, mobile application developers should also have their moral share in mobility management. Profit and making huge money should never be their only concern. After all, human as they are, they too have their moral obligations to fulfill in creating their masterpieces as mobile application developers. This should be given much importance in mobility management.

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