Motorola Buys Software Firm 280 North

Spoke person from Motorola announced that the Company has purchased 280 North in the earlier summer.  The cost for the deal is $20 million but the news is not confirmed yet. 280 North is a Company behind Cappuccino. The company was established in 2008 by three students of Southern California University. Two students Ross Boucher and Francisco Tolmasky were working in the Apple Company. They are expert in software development.

280 North has developed a variety of softwares. The most noticeable development is Cappuccino. This is an open source that provides a framework for the development of web applications. Open source means code is available to everyone. You can make changes according to your requirement. The most common example of open source technology is Linux operating system. Now the most common question is why the company has bought this software firm?

Motorola phones have given a new direction to mobile phone manufacturing company. Android mobile operating system is one of the best examples to focus. Other examples of good handsets are Cliq and Droid. We should say thanks to Motorola for releasing such great mobile phones. 280 North is a great deal that will help the company in expanding its excellence all around.

The company requires more web engineering tools to make its handsets incredible. The company is expert in releasing web application tools. If the deal is true then it is quite a fruitful investment. The deal ensures excellent handsets in the future. 280 North will make Motorola handsets more demanding through its innovative web engineering ideas.

Till now only a few people are confirmed about the deal. Motorola has not announced the deal on its website or publically. It is still a rumor and no one is exactly confirmed about the deal. There is no doubt that Company is beneficial for the Motorola future projects. Android series will become more attractive and innovative. Not only Android series but some new handsets are also expected from this wonderful deal. Cappuccino invention has already proved the technical excellence of the Company. 280 North is a good company but still it does not get the brand name.

This deal will also add brand name to the Company. In the modern society, everyone is familiar with the excellent Motorola handsets. After this deal 280 North will also be a recognized brand in the market. All the three people behind the Company will get a face value.

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