Motorola Cliq XT is Getting a Load of Updates

As the technology has been through a fast improvement period many companies have invented new products and some have updated their existing products to make them better. For many years Motorola has been one of the leads of its competitor’s and recently they have been subject to much news about their mobile phones and updates. Motorola has recently released updates for their Cliq CT and it is available at T-mobile. Even though the Cliq XT is already an amazing phone, with the new updates which have been released by Motorola are definitely going to be fascinating. With the updates, those who own a Motorola Cliq XT can easily improve their mobile phone experience to a better level.

For those who are interested in the new updates what should be noted is that once you complete the updates your device will have an improved response with answering your calls, opening the applications, better access to the Happenings widget and also a faster and easier attachment downloading from your email which is going to be an ideal feature for those who require to check their emails and download attachments due to their jobs.

The owners of Cliq, who have been experiencing unresponsiveness problems; there is a solution for your devices too. The new updates from Motorola provide the owners of these devices with a fix which is provided with the updates as an extra stability which reduces the programs that just stop unexpectedly.

Along with these amazing improvement which will be arousing so much attention, one other important improvement is the updated SWYPE software which provides a better and highly responsive keyboard. Additionally the Bluetooth and the messaging features have also been improved and this is going to provide a better and faster service both to the existing owners of Cliq XT and the new ones too.

In addition to all these news there is also another good news which is that the operating system will also be getting an Android 2.1 update however those who own this gadget will have to wait until Q4 of this 2010 which is not quite far from now. So those who are interested in these updates should get the great news in the coming weeks.

Well at least those who own Cliq XT have some reason to be happy today!

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