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Multicam Lite

Customarily, multi camera editing used to be done by first cutting from the live recording or event. It would then be given a polish by adding extra shots from other cameras that recorded during the same time. Later, directors allotted each camera to separate VT as VT machines were becoming cheaper. This was to render a flexible post production. But the editor was left spooling down tapes only to view a single event shot from varying camera angles.

In 1983, the Ediflex was released as a set of 10 or more domestic VCR players meant for different camera angles of a shot. Likewise, many companies have put in efforts for multi-camera editing. Music and sports were invariably competing for an answer as they required much post production. Music concerts at times used nearly 4o cameras.

Avid and Lightworks evolution brought about expensive editing technology, and the earliest Avid 500mb media drives was priced at 9,500 pounds each. Lightworks brought the earliest low resolution solution, and Avid won the Emmy in 1998 for its multi-camera editing solution.

The main thing in multi-camera editing is the ability to bring more than a single source to play at one time for viewing, so that the best from every camera angle is used. Avid can play up to nine camera angles at one time.

Multicam Lite is the first multi-camera editing software for using with the Final Cut Pro. Three stages are involved in cutting material with Multicam Lite. First, you must get the footage into it. It supports three camera angles.

A simple way to synchronize the clips together is done by activating timecode overlay in canvas window, and then slipping each clip accordingly. In case the timecode is out, observing the audio waveforms will help synchronize things well. Multicam Lite supports A1 and A2 on export, and so, ensure that the main audio track or your ‘TX audio’ is positioned there.

The clips need not be of equal length, but they must be continuous. Multicam Lite supports codecs such as DV, OfflineRT and DVCPRO25. There are three streams playing at one time, and so your storage disks will have thrice the load. I would choose to switch out of ‘restricted codecs’ to let me use a ten bit uncompressed from the XserveRAID without requiring any recompressing of my footage.

Multicam Lite is occupies about 4MB. The demo version is completely functional except that save is disabled. It has a remarkable simplicity, designed to perform perfectly. The menu bar has only a few items to render ease.

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