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N95 vs. iPhone – Healthcare Perspective

A recently published pilot study in AIDS research and therapy, checked into mobile studying for AIDS/HIV medical care workers taking training in settings of limited resources. Conclusion in one of the pilot studies is that on the whole, contentment of using applications and mobile tools present in iPhone is comparatively greater than that of Nokia N95.

According to the participants, involved in the pilot study, when compared to iPhone, the image quality and keyboard/ screen size is problematic in Nokia N95. On the whole, iPhone and Nokia N95, both were found to be efficient in providing educational substance to mobile health care workers. It is to be noted that Skype and Facebook were used in colligation with learning modules. The physicians can be put in reach with experts or support staff, with these social tools, who are well versed about this learning module, particularly the one which is used.

The pilot study is conducted in this manner. Twenty physicians in Peru were handed Smartphones, one half with Nokia N95s and other half were handed iPhones along with portable solar chargers. Learning modules were installed in to the phones, and a continuing medical education plan was conducted for 3 months. The participants in this study had access to internet (wireless) through cable modems or DS2 placed at the AIDS/HIV clinics. After the module learning ends, the out comes of each of it were assessed through mobile quizzes.

The result of this pilot study showed that using the mobile tools on iPhone is more satisfactory and easier when compared to Nokia N95. Over all satisfaction using iPhone is greater than Nokia N95. Usage of social media networks like Skype, Facebook etc was comfortable and seemed easier on the iPhone compared to Nokia N95, while 66.7% of iPhone users found it easy to use Skype only 22.2% of Nokia N95 users found it easy to access Skype. Similarly, only 44.4% of Nokia N95 consumers found it easy to access the social networking site, Facebook while about 88.9% of iPhone users found it comfortable to access Facebook. The power to access post module learning quizzes and podcasts is found to be almost similar on both phones.

This study proves that, with correct implementation and usage, mobile learning in the subject field can be attained by the new Smartphones present in the market. Analyzing this pilot study, one of the fine carry off points is about the use of present social tools available that can be used for mobile learning, such as Skype and Facebook. Need for creation of new epitomes for mobile learning tools is not really present but improvisation of the existing ones can be done.

As this is a pilot study, the authors themselves declared that the results are not needed to be generalized and further analysis and more participants are needed. Hence more information is required to conclude that iPhone is easier to handle than Nokia N95.

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