Napster Subscription Music App Now Available for Android

It’s only some week’s back, that Napster which is a popular music subscription service had announced the subscription for iPhone applications. But currently Napster’s music subscription has been announced for people using Google Androids. It is amazing news that Napster is available for downloading free.

If you don’t like paying for one song every now and then, Napster music subscription is going to be the apt choice for you. This application ensures the best hearing pleasure. This application is already a super hit among iPhone users. And now, it is ready to explore the Android world.

It is important to note that Napster service is not available free of cost. It requires a registration of 10USD as monthly subscription. However, if you are opting for an annual subscription then there will be an attractive 10 percent discount.

The services as given by Napster subscription are much better than any other music services or subscription in the market. And the reason for this is, the pre-defined categories of music help you to search for the songs that you want. The music list of Napster is larger than any other music service.

Now, here’s the explanation as to why you should select Napster Music library. Well, it has an amazing collection of around 11 million songs. This music can be streamed through your phone from anywhere or any network that has broadband internet connection and Wi-Fi Network.

If you have been searching for a good app that would help you in blooming your craving for more music then there is nothing like Napster subscription. This hi tech service was there for apple iPhones till now and yet now it has come a long way and have even entered into the Android field. If you are wondering as to what Napster is, then you should know that, it is an online music store. This application helps people in a way that they can share music online. It means that you don’t have to buy a copy of CD for your own. What you have to do is, while searching for any particular song just type the artist’s name or type of song’s name. And there you are with the amazing song that you wanted to play. You can download songs; add to your CD with a CD writer etc. Thanks to Napster that other web applications for file download, have also taken birth and they are Gnutella, Napigator, and Wrapster.

Many people have been using Napster. However, the only controversy that is there with Napster is, this application encourages music piracy and the related issues. However, there are many people who are strong supporters of Napster and thus this controversy has never taken any serious direction.

You should keep on checking the music directory of Napster this is because something that is very uncommon yet impressive about Napster is, it displays the music page depending upon who is online. And thus you should go through the directory completely to get the maximum advantage of this application.

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