New Intel, Nokia Joint Lab to Focus on 3D Mobile Tech

Intel and Nokia opened their first Laboratory. In the laboratory both companies will focus on the part creation for 3D Mobile technologies. The laboratory is located in Finland at the University of Oulu. The laboratory will appoint around 24 professionals who will participate in research and creation of various parts for 3D mobile technologies.

The main objective of the company is to make research over 3D components and patterns. After research the components will manufactured practically. Till now you have seen 3D effects in some science movies and animated movies. Now the patterns will be implemented for mobile phones. if it will run successfully then it will make your mobile experience more exotic and thrilling.

3D technology can make significant changes in the mobile. It can change the way in which we use mobiles today. The application will surely attract a large database of customers. The concept requires a lot of knowledge and research for implementation. Nokia is an International brand that is famous all around the world. There is no doubt that Nokia phones are well received by everyone.

Intel is also another name for technical world. This collaboration will be quite successful in creation of parts for 3D Mobile technologies. Nokia Technical executive gave the statement that 3D mobile phones are quite impressive and incredible concept in the technical age. The laboratory is preparing a foundation for future mobile experiences. After some time 3D mobiles will also become common similar to normal mobile phones.

3D devices are the next idea in the technical age. The time is not away when everyone will use 3D mobile phones. The two companies are coming together with a single thought. Now 3D age is not so away from us. The Intel Nokia collaboration has also released MeeGo. This is the center part of the foundation and hosted by Linux source. Most of the people are familiar with the concept of 3D applications. Many of us have also seen 3D movies. Just imagine the incredibility of the invention. People enjoy watching 3D movies and painting. Now this feature is going to embed in your mobile phones.

The concept is really very interesting. Everyone is waiting for the day when mobile phones with 3D technologies will be launched in the market. The laboratory has just started the research over the concept. Within few months or years we will get a new idea with our cell phones.

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