New Keyboard Cases for the iPad Adds to Usability in Wards

The launch of iPad by Apple Inc. in April 2010 came as a relief to many people especially to those who are constantly on the move. iPad sold three million pieces in just 80 days of its public launch indicating the demand for a user friendly, light weight all inclusive tablet computer that fits comfortably on ones palm while in use.

iPad’s use definitely has its benefits but for the medical fraternity, attending to the wards can become cumbersome with an iPad’s glass keyboard while taking down long notes and observations. Dr. Henry Feldman of Beth Israel Deaconess in Boston sighted the shortcomings of the iPad while tending to his wards. He seemed satisfied with the clinical use, access to hospital networks and security matters while using the iPad. But found it very uncomfortable taking notes on the glass keyboard making him to rely on the desktop PC for admission and discharge administrative formalities.

Like Dr. Feldman, there are several others who have come across similar problems while using the iPad on a regular basis. You can read the Future Docs blog to get an insight into the practical use of iPads in the fraternity of doctors. It is only natural to ask for more out of a gadget that ensures our daily work and routine management.

For this problem, there maybe an easy solution with two companies namely Sena and Kensington who have launched iPad cases with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard. Both the cases have a built in battery and also match the dimensions of iPad so as to accommodate it with the keyboard. Both the cases do a decent job of turning the iPad into a portable notebook and thereby making it more comfortable for the user.

The Sena Keyboard Folio for Apple iPad is made up of premium leather with recessed collapsible backstand, making it ergonomical for the user. It has a 45 hours battery time while in use and 55 hours while in standby mode and a lithium battery life of about 3 years. It costs about $ 150 and is available in red and tan colour. The Kensington iPad Bluetooth Keyboard will cost you around $99. It has a built in lithium ion battery that lasts up to three month from a single charge.

With the launch of any gadget comes along with it an array of accessories to make its experience an everlasting one-Sena and Kensington come along with the same promise. It is only a matter of time before their products can stand the test of medical life torments of frequent cleaning and contacts with disinfectants. iPad cases made up of various materials are available in the market and they are simply to cover the tablet PC but cases with aforementioned features perhaps none. Whether Sena and Kensington are the answer for enhancing the usability of iPad for the medical fraternity- can be understood only by experiencing both the brands. Also , investing $100-150 after an accessory is a choice that needs to be pondered upon.

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