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There was a discussion on PCMag, last week regarding the iPhone of Apple’s testing process, in which there was a column stating that except Apple, anyone does not know about the number of apps that got rejected exactly, for any reason. The initiator of the this App rejection site in an interview said that the site cannot answer the question of how many apps are rejected but can answer many other queries asked by the developers and says that the site has long way to go.

App rejection site collects all those applications that are thrown out by the notoriously firm grip of Apple on the App store matter. This App rejection site brings out the name, the justification of Apple for rejecting the App and sometimes the content of rejected applications along with the editor’s comment. This site appears to be designed to caution the developers of App store regarding the harmful or junk applications. This site also gives an interesting outlook on those random rules by which the processes of Apple are governed.

There are some reasons for rejecting the Apps and few of them are listed here.

Bugs are the major category that is undergoing rejection, especially those plain bugs. There a few apps that are violating HIG and such apps are also rejected by App rejection store. The Lite versions are other rejected apps.  If one app requires an internet connection to work and if the user doesn’t have one, the app developers should leave a message, which is a trickier procedure. If such facility is not available, the App will be rejected. The Bandwidth hogs, though the range of connectivity is not known, the app should be aware of the network type with which it is working.

Apps should have feasibility for both iPod Touch and iPhone, though both these devices have some differences. If the app is not suitably working in the same way in both the devices, it will be rejected.

Limited functionality of the app is another common issue for rejecting an app. If these apps does not provide an easy traffic to the web or makes it difficult, then Apple is going to reject the App. Sometimes the apps downloads and accomplish some codes that are not there in app submitted initially to Apple and such apps will be rejected too.

There are many more other types of rejections done by Apple by which the user will be on safe side and all such rejected apps are displayed on this site.

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