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News Addict

The News Addict App is useful in compiling news from different organizations. It resembles Fluent News app. It has links to forty one news resources, inclusive of Yahoo! News, USA Today, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal.

This application just provides links for connecting to a mobile version of every single news source, whereas Fluent News compiles the headlines within the application to enable browsing on the homepage directly. Clicking through each site to get the headlines in News Addict is faster compared to browsing each news site with an iPhone’s web browser. It is also better to have links connecting to a number of news sources compiled at one place. I still prefer Fluent News with actual headlines displayed on the homepage. Yet another difference is the fact that News Addict App has to be purchased, whereas Fluent News is for free.

News Addict App has an interesting homepage to make browsing easier. Small icons of varying shapes such as a website, a television or a newspaper corresponding to the news type, are seen on the homepage. However, it is possible to neither rearrange icons nor delete the unused ones.

After you click a link and are connected to a site, you may observe that the subsequent navigation goes on sketchily. A small button present in the right-hand corner lights up the navigation bar. But the button is quite tiny and you may have to try tapping it a few times before you get it right. However, things can be easier, if you set the bar to show and not disappear using the settings menu.

Except for this small disturbance, it gives good performance. Loading of mobile news sites is very quick, and you can click on the refresh button, to update any page for latest articles.

Though News Addict App only gives links connecting mobile versions of distinct news sites, regular use to check through varying news sites, enhances the app rendering a streamlined process. Priced at 0.99 dollars I am not yet fully convinced. But for those news junkies that use an iPhone’s Safari for visiting mobile news sites, News Addict App could be a worthwhile app. Its rating is marked as three out of five.

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